5 Methods for Sharing Video on LinkedIn

If you’re promoting your business or brand on LinkedIn, an impactful tool to utilize is video. However, you may not be aware of all the different video sharing methods you can take advantage of on LinkedIn. No worries! We’ll break them down for you here:

Method #1: Share Video to the Newsfeed

Immediately when you log in to LinkedIn, you have the ability to share a post to your newsfeed from your homepage. Just click on the video icon in the share box and follow the prompts. However, it does get a little more complicated than that. You also have options to upload video natively or to share a link from a video hosting platform such as YouTube.

So, what’s the difference? Well, the results you get will be affected because users engage differently depending on which format you use. Both formats are good options though, depending on what you’re hoping to achieve with your video.

Native video is video you upload directly into LinkedIn from your files or create within LinkedIn itself. According to various studies, native video usually performs better in social media than sharing links. Furthermore, native video can auto-play whereas sharing a link usually just gets you a clickable image.

That said, there are situations when you may want to use links instead. If you want to share a YouTube playlist to your LinkedIn, for instance, you would use a link. When your video is finished it will move on to the next in the playlist automatically.

Method #2: Embed Video to Your Articles

Another time you’ll want to use links to share your videos in LinkedIn is in your articles. You can’t embed video natively to your LinkedIn articles, so instead you’ll want to share from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, or other video hosting platforms.

This is an impressive way to share your longer, more informative videos and content on LinkedIn. When LinkedIn users come to articles, they really want to dig into the subject matter and learn thoroughly about the topic. You can use video to engage them into the material on a deeper level and hold their interest.

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Method #3: Share Video on Your Company Page

Company pages have a feed just like personal profiles, so anyone following will get the company’s shared content. Still, there are some pointers to keep in mind with this method.

When it comes to promotion, it’s usually personal pages that get better traction as opposed to brand pages. It’s been shown LinkedIn users aren’t really following brands to get promoted to. Despite this, when someone is using LinkedIn to research a brand or company, they may visit the company’s profile page in LinkedIn. This is when you’ll want to catch their attention and set yourself apart.

Share videos that bring them in deeper and give them insight into who you are as a company or teach them about relevant topics to your field. Another idea is to share recruitment videos for those who are looking to work at your company. Video is so powerful for creating a human connection with people researching your company online, and your LinkedIn company page is an awesome place to do that.

Method #4: Link Videos to Your Personal Profile

On your personal LinkedIn profile, you can add a link from YouTube or other video hosting platforms to your introduction and some other sections. Linking to video and other content in your profile is an interesting way to add some extra oomph to your LinkedIn profile and engage your followers. You can use video as an overall introduction, in connection with a current or past job, or attach it to a specific expertise or skill.

Method #5: Embed Your LinkedIn Video Posts to Your Website

You can embed your most engaged with and viewed LinkedIn video posts on your website. This is social proof for your website visitors that other people trust in you because they can see your views, likes, and comments. You’re getting even more value from that engagement on LinkedIn by sharing it with your website visitors too.

There you have it, 5 methods for sharing video on LinkedIn! Did you find a couple approaches you haven’t thought of before?

We hope this article helped you learn some new and creative ways to use the power of video in your LinkedIn network. Be sure to check out our LinkedIn Videos Primer and discover more LinkedIn tips in our blog.