GMB is Leaving! How to Manage Your Google Business Profile in 2022

Back in November 2021, Google made the announcement that changes were coming to Google My Business, specifically with how to manage business profiles. Changes have rolled out slowly, but now Google is making the full push to transition to the new way of managing business information on Google. Read on to learn what has changed, what hasn't, and how to manage your profiles going forward.

What has Changed with GMB?

A Subtle Rebrand

"Google My Business" is now called "Google Business Profile," where as the Google My Business console will be aimed at supporting primarily large businesses or businesses who manage multiple locations and will be called "Business Profile Manager." If you have tried logging in to Google My Business lately, you have likely seen these changes have already taken effect. 

Redirecting to Search and Maps on Desktop

Google Business profiles will be editable individually within Search or Maps on desktop. When you login to Google My Business you will see a notification informing you of this and encouraging you to follow suit.

To start editing your listings in Search and Maps on desktop, you will need to navigate to your Google or Chrome browser and login.

To edit in Search:

Type the name of your business into search, or alternatively, search for "my business." In the search results for your business where it says "Your Business on Google", navigate to the kebab menu in the top right corner of the results and click on it to go to your Business Profile settings, see notifications, add a new profiles, see all of your profiles, and get support options.

For simpler edits just click on one of the 3 buttons at the top left of your business listing called "Edit Profile," "Promote," and "Customers." You can also scroll through the boxed suggestions to do things like add photos or updates, promote offers, ask for reviews, see your call history, and more.

You can also see your listing featured on the right hand sidebar of your business search results, and from there you can scroll down to manage reviews, add photos, or add quick updates.

To Edit in Maps:

Making sure you're signed in, navigate to Google Maps and search your business name in the top search bar. Your business profile should pop up automatically and you can click the button "Manage Your Business profile" directly under your business name or scroll down to add photos.

Mobile - The Google My Business App Will Be Replaced

Effective July 2022, the Google My Business app will be replaced by Google Maps, so you will need to delete the first and download the latter.

To find your business in the Google Maps app make sure you're signed in, tap on your profile photo in the top right corner, and select "Your Business Profile." From there you will be able to make all the regular edits such as updating your business information and hours, add menus, add updates, add photos, promote offers, manage reviews, etc.

Here's a video from Google walking you through the steps to edit your profile from the Google Maps app:

Business Profile Manager

If you're a larger business or have more than one location to list in Google Business, you can use the Google Business Profile Manager. Simply navigate to the website and click in the top right corner to sign in. The functionality has not changed and looks basically the same as Google My Business did. Just the name and access has changed. 

That's All Folks!

Aside from theses few changes, the features and functionality of Google Business profile appear to be the same as Google My Business. You can use it to get found easier in your local search results, improve your SEO, interact directly with customers from the Google Maps app, post your menus, products, services, photos, contact info, location, videos, blog posts, promotions, and so much more!

Be sure you're using this valuable feature for your business. If you haven't claimed your profile, just navigate to the Google Business Profile Manager page, click in the top right corner on the button that says, "Manage Now," and follow the prompts to get started. 

It's super easy, and for now it's free!

If you need help optimizing and managing your listings, just let us know! We can help you get set up and keep your Google Business profile listings up-to-date with any changes, events, and social posts on a regular schedule so you're always maintaining your optimal Google SEO.

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