Engage Your LinkedIn Community with Slides and PDFs

Are You Using Slides and PDFs on LinkedIn Yet?

Did you know LinkedIn has made it possible for all members to upload slides and PDFs to share with their community? If you’re not taking advantage of this awesome new feature for your business, you could be missing out on an impactful new way to share knowledge, establish your expertise, and encourage conversations on topics you care about.

Using various documents to organize and share new concepts and information is the norm in most workplace environments for a reason. You can flesh out ideas, create focus, break down complex topics, and explain details in simple, easy to digest formats. Plus, there’s the added benefit of building interest through design. Slides and PDFs that are pleasant to look at are likely to capture more attention for the knowledge you wish to impart.

So why shouldn’t those benefits extend into your LinkedIn conversations?

With the ability to upload slides and PDFs, you can extend your reach through your feed, in your LinkedIn groups, and directly from your LinkedIn Page. Users can read, comment, and even download your files if you so choose - all without leaving LinkedIn. What’s more, they can opt to view your presentations full screen.

Slides and PDFs - Ideas for Your LinkedIn

Remember, when sharing any content on LinkedIn it’s important to use a combination of both words and images to add visual interest and capture the attention of your community. Here are some ideas for content you can share using the document feature:

  • Presentation slides from a conference you spoke at
  • A playbook of best practices from your industry
  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies
  • Customer stories
  • Book introductions
  • eBooks
  • A list of tips or how-tos

How to Share Your LinkedIn Slides and PDFs

  1. From your “Home” page feed, tap the document icon in your share box and choose a slide or PDF presentation from your computer to upload.
  2. Write a quick description to explain your file to users. Don’t forget hashtags and @mentions to increase your reach and help LinkedIn members find your content.
  3. Select your audience, then submit your post.

It’s that easy! Now your LinkedIn community has access to your eBook, presentation, or any other type of document you choose to share. It’s a fantastic way to enhance your presence on LinkedIn and establish yourself as an industry expert!

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