Interactive Content Drives

 Lead Generation

Stand Out From the Crowd
Engage and Capture More Leads

Interactive Content Drives Lead Generation

Stand Out From the Crowd
Engage and Capture More Leads

Interactive Content

 Engage. Capture. Profile.

 The Buying Process Has Changed

The explosion of B2B content available means that today’s buyers research more and talk to your sales team less, so your content has to work double time.

Seeing your content is one thing — but how do you get your audience to engage with that content and move down the funnel? Answer: interactive content.


of the buyers journey is over before someone even talks to sales

When they’re engaged, buyers are more likely to provide you with their contact data and information.


Interactive Content dramatically increases engagement!

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Savings & ROI Calculators

Use math formulas to give projections, estimates/quotes, ROI, cost savings.

  • Cloud migration savings
  • Cost of loosing data
  • Communications upgrade ROI
  • Remote worker projections

Outcome Quiz

Ask questions to provide a particular outcome or recommendation.

  • Cloud knowledge quiz
  • Remote worker UC quiz
  • Is your data safe
  • Are you ready for a disaster


Provide scored assessment based on how users answer questions.

  • How well are you prepared for ...
  • Is your <product> out of date
  •  True cost of ownership
  • When should you replace ...

Customer Surveys

Gather profile data from your customers, partners, and prospects.

  • Feedback survey
  • Customer Up-Sell
  • Customer profile data
  • Event surveys, research

On-Boarding New Clients

On-boarding questionnaire and new customer profiling.

  • New customer profiling
  • Client technical questionnaire
  • Problem resolution form


Gather lead information by giving rewards to users who share content.

  • Fill out and get...
  • Enter contest to win
  • Tell us and we will give you
  • Big contest entry

Chat & Chatbots

Ask questions in a chat format to provide outcomes, answers and recommendation

  • How can we help
  • Need more information
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Service / Support questions

Layered Forms

Interactive mutli-page forms gather information based on answers.

  • Contact Us
  • Service / Support request
  • Product information request
  • Job application


Engagement increases lead capture!

Offer a limited time incentive. Name one person that doesn't like free or discounted products and services.

Keep it simple. Put your lead generation form right below your Call-to-Action and Keep Entry Simple - name & email works best!

Live chat & Chatbots. Instant gratification drives conversions. Integrate FAQs, support requests, product questions, and more into a LIVE  conversation or a Chatbot lead interaction.

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Capture profile data!

Ideal Client Profile.  Focus your marketing strategy on potential clients that are actually interested in your products and services - your Ideal Client Profile.

Collect Data. Utilize Interactive Content in a conversational engagement to collect the profile data to break down your leads by persona, industry, size, etc.

Personalization. Personalized content can improve click-through rates by 14% and conversions by 10%, and ultimately drive more revenue.

Targeted Segmentation.  With distinctive Ideal Client Profiles, you can segment your list and create campaigns that align with their buying process.

interactive marketing segmentation
interactive content profiling