6 Reasons Why Google AdWords Is a Smart Investment

We’ll admit right away that Google AdWords is not a good fit for every business.

For example, if none of your prospective customers use Google to find your products or services, then it doesn’t make any sense to use Google AdWords.

But chances are, your prospective customers are searching in Google. You can check using Google’s Keyword Tool and that’ll end the debate pretty quickly.

Now, I’m going to assume if you’re still reading then that means prospective customers are using Google to search for your products and services…

Do you really need another reason to use the Google AdWords Search Network?

In case you do, let’s walk through 6 reasons…

1. Perfect Timing For Your Offer

When prospective customers search in Google, then they are in need right at that exact moment. It’s similar to how people used to use the Yellow Pages. You didn’t just pick up a Yellow Pages and scroll through it unless you were looking to buy a product or service.

That’s why the Yellow Pages were so effective. Businesses could get their ad in front of prospective customers when they were making a buying decision.

Of course, no one uses the Yellow Pages book anymore. Instead, most of us turn to Google to search. And the Yellow Page ads have been replaced by Google AdWords search ads.

The same idea holds true today. Google AdWords search ads allow you to get your business in front of your prospective customers exactly when they need your product or service. It’s hard to beat that kind of timing with any other kind of advertising.

2. No Minimum Investment

No business, regardless of size, wants to risk a lot of money up front in order to test a new marketing channel.

Luckily, with Google AdWords, you don’t have to. There is no minimum investment to get started and no minimum monthly ad spend either. That means there’s much less risk compared to other advertising options.

3. Built-in ROI Tracking

Google AdWords has done most of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to tracking and reporting on your return on investment (ROI).

Sure, you’ll likely need help from a web developer, but it’s not overly complicated. Google AdWords has simplified the setup to a few clicks and then instructions can be emailed directly to your developer to complete the final installation.

Most businesses can complete these steps in a few hours and then you’ll be able to track webform submissions, e-commerce sales, phone calls, and even offline sales that were closed via phone calls or in-person.

Plus, you’ll be able to run reports to see exactly which keywords and ads are driving sales so you can allocate your budget to what’s working and maximize your ROI.

4. Assist With Your SEO Strategy

With search engine optimization (SEO), it can take months to even years to get your business to rank high on the first page of Google. But once your website is ranking high, then you don’t pay for all the clicks.

With Google AdWords, you can get your business #1 within hours, but of course, you have to pay for each click.

Here’s the key takeaway – Google AdWords gives you the ability to test different keywords quickly to see if they drive sales for your business. Yes, it will cost money to test the keywords because you’ll be paying for clicks.

However, you’ll save money in the long run because you’ll ensure you’re investing your SEO budget on keywords that will actually generate sales when your website is ranking.

5. Improve Your Website

This one is not so obvious, but Google AdWords will help you improve your website for two reasons:

  1. When you’re investing money into ads, then you’re going to be more critical of your website. It’s easy to ignore your website when the traffic is free, but as soon as you start paying for traffic, then that’ll light a fire under you to finally upgrade your website.
  2. Google AdWords gives you consistent traffic to split test your webpage copy and layout to find the best combinations. Once you see what works best from your ad tests, then you can roll that out across your entire website to improve overall website conversion rates.

6. Improve All Your Other Advertising

Last but not least, Google AdWords search ads will help improve all your other advertising.


First, as mentioned above, Google AdWords gives you consistent traffic to improve your website and also test different offers until you find the one that generates the most sales.

Second, Google AdWords forces you to understand your numbers.

Once your ads are live, you’ll see how much it costs to generate a visitor to your website. You’ll also see how many of those visitors convert to leads and sales. And ultimately, you’ll be able to compare your cost per sale versus your lifetime value per sale.

To be successful with Google AdWords you have to know exactly how much you can afford to pay per click for all of your keywords. That’s what determines how much you can bid.

By going through the exercise of calculating your customer lifetime value and defining how much you can afford to pay for a visitor to your website, you’ll be able to make better decisions about all of your other advertising.

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